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Our team consists of a group of professionals that use their craftsmanship to create beautiful custom homes. With state-of-the-art technology and over 40 years of custom home experience; our desire is to create a desired home for you. When creating your desired home, there are lots of things to consider. Should you build a brand new home? Would a kitchen expansion work? Maybe a bathroom remodeling is what you’re missing. All these questions can be answered by Modern Miami Homes. With industry-leading architects, we’re here to design the home, addition, etc. to your desire. Also, the team consists of the top-performing builders in the Miami area.


Splendor, quality & comfort


Modern Miami Homes is a diverse team that is comprised of industry-leading architects, engineers, magnificent home builders, and tech experts. Their attention to detail is unparalleled and they produce a prestigious custom home of the highest quality. But how did it all began?

Over 40 years ago, a need for remodels arose. A team of architects, engineers, and builders came together to help resolve this need. Word began to spread throughout Miami of the tremendous bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms that were created by the team.

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Best Materials


If you’re searching for custom home builders Miami, fl, you’re in the right place. Grab this opportunity to work with the best custom home builders Miami, fl. The team comprises experts and professional Miami home builders that incorporate our skills and expertise into creating the best custom homes in Miami for you.

We boast of over four decades of experience as top custom home builders Miami, fl, and we use cutting-edge technology to give you your desired home. When we want to create the home of our dreams, we put many things into consideration. As a general contractors Miami, we help you answer your lingering questions such as “Will you need a kitchen expansion?”, “Is it better to build a new home,” Next, “is it a bathroom remodeling that will transform your home into your dream space?” Whatever your questions are, we will answer all of them.

We have top-notch architects leading the industry with our expertise and available 24/7 to help you design your home and make additions. In addition, we carry out remodeling and perform other tasks to see that you have your custom home according to your desire. You’ll find top-performing Miami home builders on our team.

What’s more? Modern Miami Homes comprises excellent staff and dedicated engineers, architects, tech experts, the best custom home builders that’ll bring your dreams to life. Enjoy unparalleled customer service and prestigious custom homes Miami of the best quality. Modern Miami homes go way back to 40 years ago where the home needed remodels. This cause saw the coming together of professionals in the construction field to solve this need. With time, word got out all over Miami of the beautiful works this team performed, from classy bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Modern Miami homes is a general contractor Miami that oversees excellent delivery of magnificent home redos and remodels. Our services include: 

New Construction: If you’ve been searching for a general contractor in Miami to handle all your construction needs? Then you’re on the right track as Modern Miami homes are ready to assist you. You’ll get to meet with one of the best architects in the construction field in Miami to design your custom home. If you already have a design, we will work with it and actualize your project. But if you’re not sure of the design you want, you don’t need to bother yourself because our experts have samples of other homes we have completed in the past. After the selection of the design, we proceed to build immediately. 

Residential interiors: Modern Miami homes give you exceptional interior designers who are meticulous and attentive to details. For these designers, your happiness and satisfaction is our goal. With a focus on transforming your simple home into an outstanding masterpiece, we put in all we have, from time, energy, and resources, to ensure you are happy with the outcome and enjoy what you get. The question you need to ask is what your preference is; do you prefer modern, crude, elegant craftsmanship? Modern Miami homes will see to it that you get a personal interior space to your taste. Trust modern Miami homes for all your home additions and renovations, remodeling, and preconstruction. Click here to learn more about custom homes Miami.  

We offer a wide range of magnificent services just for you. Take a look at them all below.

New Construction

Have you been looking for a place to take care of your construction needs? We at Modern Miami Homes are here to help. We take your plot of land and the process begins. You’ll meet with one of our industry-leading architects to design your custom home. If you’re not sure what you’d like in a design, don’t worry, our experts have great examples of other dream home designs that we’ve built for others. Once the design has been selected, we get started building right away. To find out more, click below.

Residential Interiors

At Modern Miami Homes you’ll find extraordinary interior designers who have a great attention to detail. Their whole focus is turning your home into a timeless masterpiece that you’ll be happy to enjoy. Now the question to ask yourself is, do you like contemporary craftsmanship, elegant, modern, etc.? We want to make sure that your interior is personalized just for you. To find out more, click below.

Home Additions & Renovations

Have you wanted to create an add-on to your dream home? Maybe a room addition that’s right for you? Whether it’s for an office, home gym, or that new man cave/she shed that’s personalized. We’ll add state-of-the-art technology that’ll be perfect for your personalized home addition. The additions that Modern Miami Homes provide are timeless. For more info, click below.


When you’ve wanted an elegant home all your life, wouldn’t it be great if you can turn your current house into one? Our company can do exactly that. We offer luxury kitchen remodeling, that you’ll want to invite all your friends and family over so you can cook them a gourmet meal.  For more info, click below.


It can be tough trying to plan everything out, with budgeting, scheduling, time management, and more. At Modern Miami Homes, we offer you a simple state-of-the-art solution that is unparalleled. We have over 50 years of preconstruction experience to provide you with the best professional service. Click below for more info.

Construction Management

Working in construction management, you face a lot of trials. It can be difficult. So why take on the burden alone? Industry-leading tech experts helped to develop software, that is user friendly to change the way we do construction management. When choosing Modern Miami Homes, you’re not just choosing an everyday company to help, you get one of the top-performing companies in Miami. Click Below for more info.

Our Customers love our extraordinary craftsmanship.

See What They Say:

Bill T.

“I’ve wanted to start building on a land that I purchased, I contacted Modern Miami Homes and they created my new luxury home. I definitely recommend them!”

Amy C.

“I’ve been looking to redecorate my home but didn’t know who to use. My friend told me about Modern Miami Homes and I’m so glad I called them. They did an extraordinary job, and the designer had an amazing attention to detail. They will transform your home into something Awesome!!!”

James H.

“I’ve always wanted my kitchen to be bigger but wasn’t sure if I could afford it. Thanks to Modern Miami Homes, they made my dream into a reality. Thank you for making my kitchen into an unparalleled masterpiece. I’ve been cooking non-stop!”

Angela G.

“So I started a DIY project on my bathroom and I failed. I called Modern Miami Homes and they used some of the best materials to transform my bathroom. It’s amazing and I’m so happy how it turned out! Thanks, Miami Custom Homes!”

Jimmy D.

“I’ve been needing some preconstruction help for my construction crews, I contacted  Modern Miami Homes and they took care of us. We greatly recommend them for all of your reconstruction needs.”

Hailey P.

“Being a project manager, it can be tough trying to be on time and under budget. Thanks to Modern Miami Homes, they provided us the highest quality of clock management and budget software.”

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