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Have you wanted to create an add-on to your dream home? Maybe a room addition that’s right for you? Whether it’s for an office, home gym, or that new man cave/she shed that’s personalized. We’ll add state-of-the-art technology that’ll be perfect for your personalized home addition. The additions that Modern Miami Homes provide are timeless.

After your first consultation, one of our industry-leading architects will design your addition/renovation. Then our team will go to work creating your dream home from your current home.

Have you been thinking of doing an addition to your home? How about a room addition? Or extra kitchen space? There’s an option that’s right for you, and that’s why you need to contact the best hands in terms of home additions Miami. Modern Miami Homes not only handle your home additions Miami but also guarantee satisfaction and happiness. Whatever you need the space for, be it an office, a shed, or a home gym, there’s a personalized home renovation Miami for you. 

We use cutting-edge technology to carry out your room additions Miami, so you are happy and satisfied. These additions are timeless, and Modern Miami homes guarantee this. First, you will speak with a consultant on how you want your home additions Miami to look. After the consultation, a professional architect from the team will design your home renovation Miami. Our team of professionals will work round the clock to create your desired home from your current one. Other services performed by Modern Miami homes include new construction. If you’re looking for a good company that handles construction in Miami, we can assist you. What we do is review your plot of land then start up the process. You’ll get to meet with one of the architects to give you a proposed design. Afterward, we go on with the building and renovations. If you’re unsure of the invention you’ll like, worry no more. There are examples you can always look at and take a cue f. If you have interior design needs, you’re in luck as Modern Miami homes have mouthwatering services for you. You get to work with a professional team that takes your project like ours and makes sure you are involved in the entire process, all at affordable prices. Get exquisite room additions Miami from the best of the best today. Contact Modern Miami Homes.

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New Construction

Have you been looking for a place to take care of your construction needs? We at Modern Miami Homes are here to help. We take your plot of land and the process begins. You’ll meet with one of our industry-leading architects to design your custom home. If you’re not sure what you’d like in a design, don’t worry, our experts have great examples of other dream home designs that we’ve built for others. Once the design has been selected, we get started building right away. To find out more, click below.

Residential Interiors

At Modern Miami Homes you’ll find extraordinary interior designers who have a great attention to detail. Their whole focus is turning your home into a timeless masterpiece that you’ll be happy to enjoy. Now the question to ask yourself is, do you like contemporary craftsmanship, elegant, modern, etc.? We want to make sure that your interior is personalized just for you. To find out more, click below.


When you’ve wanted an elegant home all your life, wouldn’t it be great if you can turn your current house into one? Our company can do exactly that. We offer luxury kitchen remodeling, that you’ll want to invite all your friends and family over so you can cook them a gourmet meal. For more info, click below.

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